GEDA Success Story: Warehouse Pacific Inc.

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Post Date: 31-March-2014

GEDA Success Story: Calvin Holloway Jr., Business Development Manager, Warehouse Pacific Inc.
Guam Food Export Showcase, Hong Kong Food Expo

“Warehouse Pacific had an opportunity to present its brands at the Guam Food Export Showcase held recently in Hong Kong.
Although we don’t know the exact number of Hong Kong attendees, it was mentioned that in the past there has been an estimated 300,000 that attended, family members and business interest.   We put this number into perspective by comparing the population of Guam which is estimated at 170,000.  Overall our company has a key interest in the STEP program and the opportunities that were presented.

The opportunity, expertise and financial support to present our products and brands in a foreign country previously was a dream.   Now with the STEP program and GEDA administration, it has become a reality.

During the trade show we realized the value and interest of our product in a foreign market.    We had many companies state their desire to import our product as demonstrated by the business cards collected.  Even Retailers (non-import companies) asked if we had a local distributor that they could purchase for their outlet.   In addition, brand specialist asked for private labeling which for our companies translates into a significant large order as minimum applies.  

Overall the true market test for our brand was the last day that allowed us to retail the inventory.   To test the market, we basically priced our products matching Kmart retail on Guam.   To my surprise, customers did not ask for a discount and were happy with the retails.  We were able to determine and rank flavors and sizes that customers preferred.  This is important as we can develop a specific and productive assortment based on Hong Kong’s demand and demographics.
Currently we have received additional inquires and had two schedule business meetings during the trade show.  We are evaluating and researching companies based on information obtain from the Internet.   We need to insure our brand value is maintained and protected from any illegal activity.

The STEP program in my opinion is a leading program that will assist Guam’s recovery by creating opportunities in export.   As a small company located on Guam, we have a limited market and small customer base.  This limits the number of people we can hire.

The STEP program has changed the game and the limited market which exists on Guam.  Again 170,000 residents versus 7.2 million opportunity (Hong Kong).    We can foresee that we will have a few Hong Kong companies that will be importing our brands and we will be hiring additional full-time staff to assist.  Other industries such as banks, communications companies, shipping companies, equipment companies, car dealerships, and revenue and taxation, to name a few will benefit from our export.

In closing, the STEP program continuance is vital for our company’s growth and we hope that it will continue as we will refine our product offer and increase our product development now we have obtained some trade show experience.  

Thanks so much GEDA!!!”
Calvin Holloway Jr.
Business Development Manager
PO Box 11954
Tamuning, Guam 96931

Tel. (671) 647-0411
Cell. (671) 483-2060
fax. (800) 613-7319

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