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Guam, the largest and southernmost island of the Mariana archipelago, is the westernmost possession of the United States, and has been since 1898. Guam is situated between Hawaii and the Philippines at 13°28” north latitude, 144°44” east longitude, and in the Western Pacific, serves as the gateway to Micronesia and a crossroad to the Far East. The island is approximately 6,000 miles west of San Francisco; 3,700 miles west-southwest of Honolulu; 1,500 miles southeast of Tokyo; 2,100 miles southeast of Hong Kong; 1,500 miles east of Manila; and 3,100 miles northwest of Sydney. Short flights to all major markets in the Pacific Rim make Guam the best location in the Western Pacific to conveniently and affordably meet your international travel needs.

Land Mass

Guam has a landmass that is 30 miles long and 4 to 8 miles wide, which is approximately 212 square miles (549 square kilometers).


Guam’s tropical climate is pleasantly warm throughout the year. Temperatures range between 74 and 92 degrees Fahrenheit (23-33 degrees Celsius), with a mean annual temperature of 83 degrees. Our average annual rainfall is 85 to 100 inches with average humidity at 72 to 86 percent. We have two seasons: rainy season from June through November; and, dry season from December through May.

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