Guam Product Seal Vendors

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Le Tasi Bakery


Pika Jelly tastes just right with strong cheeses or with hot or cold meats. It can also be used in sandwiches, stir- fried, marinades and great for dips'. It’s especially great on toast too! Denanche is a local spicy condiment used to enhance flavor in any dish. Denanche is paired perfectly with BBQ meat and/or soup.

Island Memories


Fun looking, very cute and always yummy! That’s our hand decorated Dolphin Sugar Cookie. In the beginning, we wanted to create a special product for the travel retail customer. We wanted something to remind them of their visit to the Island of Guam. So, we baked a sugar cookie, shaped it into a dolphin, baked it on a stick and decorated it by hand like a piece of art. Today, we sell a variety of cookies on a stick and added our delicious shortbread toffee cookies to our assortment.
 Products can be found: Exclusively sold at DFS Galleria in Tumon, Guam.

Everything Guam, LLC

Products: Denanche & Assorted Cookies

Everything Guam is a Guam Product Seal Holder that highlights local flavor. Their delicious denanche is the perfect addition to any meal. Products can be found: DFS Galleria in Tumon, Guam.

Island Manufacturing & Wholesale

Products: Chicharons & Cracklings

Island Manufacturing & Wholesale is a Guam Product Seal Holder that produces delicious chicharons and & cracklings. This local favorite is a great snack and a tasty gift for friends and family.

American Chocolate Factory

Product: Chocolate Candies

American Chocolate Factory is a Guam Product Seal Holder that produces delicious chocolate macadamia rice krispy candy. These tasty treats are the perfect snack or gift for friends and family.

Chamorro Host

Product: Chocolate Candies

Chamorro Host is a Guam Product Seal Holder known for its tasty chocolate candies. These delicious treats are the perfect gift for friends and family.

Formosa Food System

Product: Nougat Candy, Pineapple & Mango Cake

Formosa Food System Inc. is a Guam Product Seal Holder that produces delicious nougat candy, as well as both pineapple and mango cake. These tasty treats are the perfect snack for locals and visitors alike.

Café @ Crea

Product: Hot Pepper Sauce & Mango Jam

Café @ Crea is a Guam Product Seal Holder known for their local food products. Their hot pepper sauce and mango jam are the perfect gifts for friends and family

Hamamoto Tropical Fruit World

Product: Honey, Noni, Loquat, guava and Sour sap Tea

Hamamoto Tropical Fruit World is a Guam Product Seal Holder that produces honey & noni, loquat, guava, and sour sap tea. These uniquely local and delicious flavors are a great addition to any meal.

Pepsi Cola Bottling Co of Guam Inc.

Product: Bottled Soft Drinks, Bottled Water, Chamorro Punch, and Cha Tea.

Pepsi Guam Bottling is one of only two bottlers that produces Pepsi in the Pacific Islands. It upholds the quality and great taste Pepsi products are known for worldwide. Pepsi Guam Bottling locally produces bottles of Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, 7up, Dr. Pepper, A&W Rootbeer, and three local brands, Hanom, Chamorro Punch, and Cha Lemon Tea. Products can be found: Many major retail outlets, supermarkets, gas stations and convenience stores throughout the island.


Product: Assorted Cookies & Chocolates

Coco Jo’s is a Guam Product Seal Holder known their delicious chocolate chip and macadamia nut cookies. Coco Jo’s cookies are a great gift for family and friends and can be found in many local stores and supermarkets.

Dinga’s Candies

Product: Hard Candy Lollipop & Cookies

II Dinga’s is a Guam Product Seal Holder known for their delicious homemade hard candy lollipops and cookies. Lollipops are great party favors for any occasion. They are a great local treat for both children and adults.

Guam Fresh Tofu & Sunsoy

Product: Tofu

TCN Corporation, doing business as Guam Fresh Tofu & Sunsoy allows locals the opportunity to consume a fresh and local food product that is both healthy and delicious. This Guam Product Seal Holder creates fresh tofu found in supermarkets and stores throughout the island.

Mariana’s Coffee Guam, LLC

Product: Green Coffee Beans

Mariana’s Coffee Guam is a Guam Product Seal Holder that produces delicious locally roasted coffee. Its product can be found in local supermarkets and stores and is a great way to start your morning.

Cookies of Guam

Product: Coconut, Chamorro, Butter, Chocolate, Original, Coconut Mac, Guguria, and Rosquette Cookies

Cookies of Guam provide the island with delicious local treats. This Guam Product Seal Holder creates local Chamorro cookies that are the perfect gift for friends and family.

Tita’s Bakery

Product: Guguria

Tita’s Bakery is a standing local favorite. This Guam Product Seal Holder creates delicious guguria that friends and family can enjoy.

Bonita Baskets

Product: Guguria, Kokonut Cookies, and Jam

Bonita Baskets is a family farm and business located in Central Guam. Fruits grown on the farm are picked at their peak and made into jams. The “Kokonut” Cookies are made from an old family recipe using harvested coconuts that are grated then slow roasted to release their flavor and fragrance. These delicious local favorites are great to share with family and friends. Products Can Be Found: ABC Stores, JP Superstore, Dollar Discount at the Micronesia Mall, Avenue Duty Free at the Nikko Hotel and at the Marriott Hotel.

Gourmet Guam


Gourmet Guam is a Guam Product Seal holder known for their delicious gourmet popcorn. Their flavors include candy apple, cheese, and fruity fiesta.

Guam Tuna Jerky


Manufactures a unique and delicious version of jerky, using tuna loin.

Guam Premium Chocolate


Made from the finest Belgian chocolate and top grade Macadamia Nuts from Australia, Guam Premium Chocolate is made in Guam’s largest and most advanced chocolate manufacturing plant. Whether you are looking for an elegant, distinctive gift for your visiting friends and guests or you just need to satisfy your sweet tooth, think of Guam Premium Chocolate.

Griffith Pacific (Gourmet Salts)

Products: Tasi Gourmet Salts
An all-natural line of flavored sea salts. Can be found at JP Superstore.


Pacific Island Mångge’ Popsicles

Product: Gourmet popsicles

“Don’t panic, its Organic!” These popsicles are made from real fruit, mostly grown right here on our island. You can find their popsicles at Oka Pay-Less, Onadera Store, and Fizz & Co. Get yours today!

Spike Coffee Roasters

Product: Roasted Coffee beans

Spike Coffee Roasters offers premium coffee beans with an exotic blend. Spike Coffee beans are grown on Guam and are mixed with beans from all around the world to create a unique blend, made right her on Guam.

Tasty Treats of Guam


Tasty Treats of Guam is a locally owned family business specializing in gourmet candied popcorn with a variety of flavors to offer. Visit any of the following locations & pick up some Tasty Treats of Guam popcorn today! •Japan Plaza Superstore- Tumon Micro Mall •ABC Stores- Outrigger hotel Grand Plaza, Tumon Micro Mall Pacific Place, Tumon The Plaza, Tumon Rose Building •Circle K/76- Fountain Plaza Sun Plaza •Foody's- Micro Mall Station Barrigada Station •ERC Hardware Express- Dededo •Bon Voyage- Hilton Hyatt Onward Sheraton Reef Westin •Payless Supermarkets- Agana Oka Micro Mall

Gourmet Guam

Product: Flavored Gourmet Popcorn

Gourmet Guam is a wholesaler of locally-made, gourmet flavored popcorn products. Their various flavors are a fully-coated, rich tasting product. Products can be found Duty Free, Cost-U-Less, JP Superstores and Lotte Duty Free.

Guam’s Own

Product: Distilled spirits

Guam’s Own is a locally owned, boutique distillery. It is a small operation and creates hand-crafted, premium distilled spirits. Through its recipes and attention to detail, Guam’s Own produces an extremely smooth spirit with a mild, naturally aromatic bouquet. Guam’s Own signature flavor Aguayente, stays true to its roots and embodies Guam’s distilling roots dating back hundreds of years. Products Can Be Found: AAFES Car Care Shoppette, ABC Stores, Bon Voyage Duty Free Stores, ABC Stores, Circle K, Japan Plaza, Kmart, & Latte Store, California Mart, NEX, Three Suns, LOTTE Duty Free, Market Liquor Stores, Mai Thai Restaurant.

Cruz Best Foods

Product: Pork & Chicken tocino; pork & chicken longaniza

TCruz Best Foods produces delicious local favorites found in many of our supermarkets throughout the island. These Guam Product Seal Holders make pork and chicken tocino, and pork and chicken longaniza, all of which can be described as sweet, marinated cured meat and sausage that are perfect for any meal. Products Can Be Found: Local Supermarkets throughout the island

Universal Noodle

Product: Fresh/homemade noodles

Green Coffee Beans

Universal Noodle is a home industry known for their fresh, homemade noodles. These Guam Product Seal Holders create delicious noodles that are perfect for cooking classic dishes like pancit and stir-fry at home. Products Can Be Found: Local Supermarkets, such as Payless, throughout the island.

Sea Grill Restaurant

Products: Finadene Sauce

USAT Guam is one of the many Guam Product Seal Holders to highlight a beloved local favorite condiment. Operating out of a local favorite restaurant, Sea Grill, USAT Guam produces a delicious finadene sauce made with fresh local peppers. You can find this product at the Underwater World & SeaGrill restaurant.

ISHII Brewing Company

Product: Hand-crafted beer

ISHII Brewing Company, producers of Minagof Pale Ale & IPA, is the only Guam Product Seal Holder to brew hand-made craft beers. A delicate and time-consuming process, Ishii Brewing Company creates quality craft beers for the island to enjoy. Products Can Be Found: A variety of restaurants and hotels


B&L Creations

Products: Tiki Figurines

B&L Creations is a Guam Product Seal Holder known for their souvenir items. Their tiki souvenirs are hand crafted and make the perfect gift for locals and visitors alike.

Get a Glow On

Product: Watercolor painting cutouts, jewelry pieces

Shirley Marie Bridler, known to her customers as Get a Glow On, produces beautiful handmade art and jewelry. This Guam Product Seal Holder provides both locals and tourists with unique pieces of quality workmanship. Products Can Be Found: Chamorro Village Wednesday Night Market, Hagatna & Guam Art Boutique in Chamorro Village

Dawn Carol Reyes


A Guam Product Seal holder who has recently come out with a children’s book titled, “I Patgon Ni Tuma'yok Desde Guahan Esta Luta” (The Boy who Leaped to Rota). This book features her original artwork illustrating the legend, Chamorro/English story pages, and coloring pages with a fill in the blank Chamorro Language activity. A historical background for the story is included as well as questions for guided discussion, making this a great resource for teachers or anyone who wants to learn a little about the culture and language as well as have the opportunity to discuss with young people some very important social issues. The characters were developed as "Latte People", because other than language, nothing symbolizes the strength and endurance of the Chamorro people and its culture like the Latte.

Blue Amber Trio


Blue Amber Trio specializes in gemstone wearable art and handcrafted gifts. Check them out the Guam Art Boutique at the Chamorro Village.

Micronesia Media Distributor, Inc.

Products: Postcards

Micronesia Media Distributor Inc. produces post cards, which display the beautiful island of Guam and some of the unique elements of the Chamorro culture.

Marianas Jewelry


Ocean inspired jewelry, taking pieces of the ocean to create elegant necklaces, bangles, earrings and rings. Only using precious metals, 14k gold and sterling silver, to create premium jewelry. Marianas Jewelry can be purchased at Tropical Living in Agana, Two Lovers Point Gift Shop, and JP Superstore in Tumon.

Baba Yaga Precious Objects

Products: Jewelry & artwork

Baba Yaga specializes in unique handcrafted jewelry and artwork. Many of their jewelry pieces are inspired by the Guam’s natural environment. You can check out their items at the Guam Art Boutique in Chamorro Village.

Love From Guam


Love From Guam is a collection of my photographs made into gifts. Photography prints, stationeries, jewelry, playing cards, totes, cosmetic bags, and ornaments. You can find me on and ----> search "Love From Guam"

Warehouse Pacific

Product: Candle - Island Essence & Mango Tatiyas

Island Essence gives you an opportunity to bring Guam’s paradise and island essence to your home. Island Essence creates unique local island scents that capture your imagination of Guam. Made with soy wax, either in a coconut or glass container with floral scents of Guam. Available at Guam Village Market (Unit 155)

Tatiyas is known as a local favorite. While no local meal or fiesta plate is complete without tatiyas we have incorporated Guam’s number #1 fruit, mango. Now available on Guam, Mango and Pineapple Tatiyas. Available at Guam Village Market (Unit 155).

Tel: (671) 647-0411

Polynesian Handicrafts


Our products are shell necklaces, shell bracelet, wood magnet, flower hair-pieces and locally made handicraft. We can be found at Chamorro Village night market and Dededo Flea market

Brooks & Belle


The Journey Home is a Guam-inspired board game depicting pre-contact life and incorporating Chamorro words and phrases. Toys our are first learning tools and The Journey Home is the first a series of 3 board games created to teach our culture and history through play. The Journey Home focuses on math and memorization for 5-7 year old players, as well as team building, and can be customized for your family details.


Bonita Trading Company


Established in 2013, Bonita Trading began creating accessories for babies and young girls.  Since then, we have expanded our line to include baby gear, Guam-centric gifts, and local apparel for Guam's 'kiridu' kids. 
The playful designs of Bonita Trading Co. truly highlight Guam's unique culture.  From smiling kamyu toddler Ts, to Guam Seal polos, to Latte Stone printed baby bibs, Bonita gives little ones the perfect opportunity to sport their island pride.

Mothering Naturally


MN (Mothering Naturally) by Anjelica is a collection inspired by travel, color, and creation. All items in my shop have been designed, curated, and created by me, Anjelica Malone. I love to source fabric and Fair Trade beads from places like Africa, India, and Bethlehem. In my shop you can find handmade ethnic inspired head wraps, exotic bead bracelets, silver jewelry, glitter dipped (personalized) tumblers, and my “Peace, Love, GU” stationary. MN by Anjelica products are stocked at The Guam Art Boutique in Chamorro Village as well as my Etsy shop called MN by Anjelica. I am available to make custom tumblers, head wraps, and jewelry as gifts and as party favors. You can reach me best through email at

Little Dagan


Little Dagan, owned and operated by Alonika Riley, started as a hobby turned full-time fun gig. We make blankets, bloomers, bibs, booties, pouches, totes, backpacks, pillows, and other apparel for babies, kids, and adults. You can contact us via email or through Instagram @guamlittledagan for special orders or purchase from the Two Lovers Point/Puntan Dos Amantes boutique.


Product: Apparel

GTBO, a Chamorro word meaning awe-inspiring, offers a unique line of locally inspired/themed apparel. The illustrations and original artwork focus on the unique people, distinctive culture, and beautiful nature, which make up our island of Guam.

Hornet Sports

Product: Locally Printed T-Shirts

Get your locally inspired gear at Hornet Sporting Goods. Designs are created locally and printed right here on Guam, just for you. Products can be found at Hornet Sports in Tamuning, across Tamuning Elementary or you can contact them at 646-9191.

It’s Sew Jayne

Custom made character hats, regular beanies for all sizes, children’s clothing, blankets, and headbands.

It’s Sew Jayne is a Guam Product Seal Holder that produces wonderful items for kids. Jayne Thompson’s beautiful, quality made clothes, hats, and headbands are the perfect gifts for all children. Located at Chamorro Villiage suite 128-129 open Monday-Saturday from 10am-6pm.

Cutie Petunias

Product: Baby Accessories

Cutie Petunias is a Guam Product Seal Holder known for their unique baby accessories. Their beautifully created headbands, sandals, turbans, hairpieces, maternity sashes, and other baby apparel make wonderful gifts for kids. Products can be found: Neni & Me and JP Superstore in Tumon.


Bio Energy


Bio Energy is an all-natural herbal formulated supplement, which does not include any chemical substances like preservatives, artificial flavoring, or artificial color. One of ingredients of Bio Energy is Graviola, more commonly know as Sour Sap. Sour Sap is good for Cancer, Diabetes, Hypertension, Stress and Arthritis. Bio Energy is good for boosting up vital energy in the body thus building the immune system for common illness. It can be used for all ages.
 Products can be found: Lotte Duty Free Shop and local Duty Free shops

Daok Oil


Daok Oil is a Guam Product Seal Holder known for its, as its name implies, daok oil. This versatile product is great for friends and family.

Tropic Soap

Products: Coconut oil soap, scented coconut oil blend body oil

Tropic Soap provides locals and visitors alike with gifts that are multi-purpose and aromatic. This Guam Product Seal Holder and her variety of beautifully scented coconut oil blends and body oils that is great for both children and adults.

Soap Kontiki


Soap Kontiki creates beautifully designed handmade soaps. Recently, Soap Kontiki has added coconut oil to their line of products. Check out their unique soaps at the Underwater World. For more information or for orders please contact 971-1535.



Is a new Guam Product Seal holder who produces olive, coconut, and noni oil soap. The soaps are free of antioxidants.

Griffith Pacific (Bath & Body)

Product: Tasi Bath and Body

A bath and body line inspired by the natural benefits of sea salt. Products can be found at: JP Superstore & the PIC Boutiki.

Liti Artisan Cosmetics


Liti Cosmetics Guam offers artisan, high quality handmade soap,lip balms, bath and body products to help you nourish and pamper your skin. Bring joy to your friends and loved ones by giving the gift of skin loving handmade treats  they will love!
Our products are formulated with natural ingredients, safe cosmetics grade colorants,essential oils and unique fragrance blends. We strive to avoid preservatives whenever possible.
We proudly bear the Guam Product Seal, which is a testament of our commitment to produce only  authentic "Made in Guam Products".
Contact Information:
Facebook page:
Tel: 1-671-777-7678



We are dedicated to providing the highest quality and purest natural skin care product from organic noni and tropical herbs. No synthetic chemicals, No artificial fragrances and colors, No Parabens, No Petrochemicals, No chemical preservatives.

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