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Hotel Development 

According to the Guam Visitor's Bureau's Tourism 2020 plan, the island anticipates to reach 2 million tourist annually by the year 2020. In order to accomadate this goal, GEDA has been tasked to find investment that would match an additional 1,600 room inventory by the year 2020. In 2014, GEDA created the Special Hotel Qualifying Certificate program to entice hotel development prior to 2020.

Sports Tourism

Sports tourism is the fastest growing segment of the tourism industry.


GovGuam initiated its support for aquaculture in the early 1970’s. First commercial operation produced freshwater eels for export to Japan in the 70’s and into 80’s. Local aquaculture provided bait for tuna purse seiner fleets in the 80’ and into the 90’s.

Film Industry

GEDA was established as the official Guam Film Office in 2013, and acts as a one-stop shop for those interested in producing and directing a film here in Guam. 

U.S. & International Film markets are looking for new “unshot” locations to shoot motion pictures, TV shows or commercials, and still production events. Additionally, in light of global security issues, production companies are looking for scenic locations safe for visiting crews, and feature supporting service infrastructure and business friendly environments. Directors, specifically, are looking for locations that allow for shooting a variety of scenes in one location.

Hagatna Revitalisation and Restoration Plan

While Tumon has been known as the tourist market, where visitors can shop, dine, enjoy the beach, and party, Hagatna will soon be recognised as the Cultural Village that will host the new legislature building, Guam Museum, Renovating sporting venues, and more tourist related activities that promote the Chamorro culture. The new Cultural Village will give more opportunities for those to develop apartments, condominiums, restaurants, and much more. 

Light Manufacturing

Have raw materials sent to Guam in order to be manufactured here as a "Guam, U.S.A Made Product."

Emerging Industries/Opportunities

Guam based Cruise Line for ships that fit 90-300 pax.

Arbitration & Mediation
  • Neutral location for U.S. companies to conduct arbitration with Asian businesses
  • Guam law provides for mediation and arbitration of contractual disputes that are enforceable in over 134 countries including Chine and other Asian nations.
Regional Distribution Center
  • Avoid delays in current distribution system
  • Utilizing bonded warehousing on Guam as a consolidation and customs clearance center
Regional Recycling Center
  • A hub for collection and transshipment of recyclable materials in the region
Captive Insurance
  • Captive Insurance with focus on Asian captives
Professional Education & Certification
  • Convenient location for US companies to credential Asian professional hires
Film, Video, Commercials
  • Regional venue for television and commercial film production for Asian producers
Ancestral Lands
  • GEDA under a property management agree with Ancestral Lands Commission has over 600 acres of public land available for development to support new industries

Source: Guam Economic Development Authority

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