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The Guam Product Seal program was established in 1986 in an effort to stimulate economic opportunities on Guam by promoting the manufacturing of local products.  With our unique seal, consumers are able to distinguish products that are authentically “Made in Guam.” We are proud, that over the past 29 years the program, and more importantly its members have continuously progressed in our island economy.  As a result of this success, businesses certified under the program have provided over 400 job opportunities to our island workforce. 
Businesses such as Tita’s Guguria, Island Manufacturing and Wholesale, Pacific Island Mangge Pops, Coco-Jo’s, Soap Kontiki, Guam Premium Chocolate, and many more have proven that products can not only be manufactured on Guam but also thrive in today’s evolving market.
With nearly 70 members, the highest participation the program has seen since inception, we are seeing a stronger presence of locally made products in our consumer market.  With all of these new products being introduced, we want to continue to encourage retailers to support our local manufacturers and take part in this growing local movement.
We would like to thank all of our Guam Product Seal members for their continued commitment to the program and, more importantly, to our island community. BIBA Guam Product Seal! 

For more information about the Guam Product Seal Program, please contact:

Business Development Division
590 South Marine Drive
ITC Building, Suite 511
Tamuning, Guam 96913
Telephone: (671) 647-4332
Facsimile: (671) 649-4146

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