• GEDA Loan Program

    GEDA Loan Program

    GEDA currently administers two economic development loan programs – the Guam Development Fund Act (GDFA) and the Agriculture Development Fund (ADF).

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  • Guam Product Seal

    Guam Product Seal

    Public Law 18-42 created the Guam Product Seal to identify products manufactured on Guam.

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  • SSBCI Program

    SSBCI Program

    The State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI)  is a Federal program administered by the Department of the Treasury (Treasury).

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  • Investment Incentives

    Investment Incentives

    Because of Guam's status as a United States Territory, investors can take advantage of a host of federal programs that allow for smart investment and business development.

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  • GEDA Public Finance Program

    GEDA Public Finance Program

    As the mandated Central Financial Manager for the government of Guam, GEDA is also engaged in various innovative financing activities to secure funding for various public programs and initiatives. &am

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  • GEDA Industrial Park Program

    GEDA Industrial Park Program

    GEDA is also responsible for the development and management of the Industrial Park Program which consists of 26 individual property leases on 177 acres of developed land.

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