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The legal and judicial system in Guam is the same as in any other U.S. state or territory. All proceedings are in English, and based on the American common law legal system and US standards of integrity.  The terms used in court documents and settlement agreements  would be recognizable by any other U.S. court. Guam lawyers and judges are well trained and educated in U.S. law schools. The is a comprehensive site that provides links to Guam courts, Guam Bar, Office of the Guam Attorney General, and other legal websites


The Guam Court System was established under the Organic Act of Guam (a U. S. Congress law) which maintains ultimate supervision over Guam courts. Our courts consist of the Guam Superior Court, Guam Supreme Court and the US District Court which function under the jurisdiction of the United States court system thus maintain a favorable legal environment. Records at the Guam Superior court are well maintained and accessible.

US District Court of Guam –



Guam has an active Bar Association which supervises the legal profession.  Its membership offers a wide spectrum of practice with several firms established as part of larger network of law offices throughout the region.  The vast majorities of local bar members graduated from ABA accredited law schools and also hold licenses to practice in other jurisdictions in the Pacific and the US.

Guam Bar Association
655 South Marine Corps Drive 
Suite 202, Tamuning, Guam 96913

Phone: 671.648.5050 
Fax: 671.646.9403  

Lawyer Referral Service 
Phone: 671.864.LAWS (5297)



Its central office location in Guam’s capital provides convenient access to Guam Courts and legal services providers.  It is a full service provider equipped to accommodate all commercial arbitration and mediation cases.

Guam International Arbitration Center, LLC. 
777 Route 4, Suite 1-A 
Sinajana, Guam 96910

Phone: 671-475-8529 
Fax: 671-475-8550 

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