What does G.E.D.A. stand for?  What is the mission of this entity?

G.E.D.A. stands for Guam Economic Development Authority. The mission of GEDA is to develop a sound and sustainable economy through innovative programs that preserve and promote local culture, economic opportunities and quality of life.

What is a public corporation?

A public corporation, a government corporation or a government-owned corporation is a legal entity created by a government to undertake a specific public purpose with public funds or public property while exercising some of the powers of the government. It may resemble a not-for-profit corporation, as it has no need or goal of satisfying the shareholders with return on their investment through price increase or dividends.

How is GEDA funded?

GEDA is an autonomous agency of the Government of Guam and is tasked to generate its own revenue to sustain its operations.

What is a Q.C.?

A Qualifying Certificate (Q.C.) is a financial investment tool available to investors and eligible business entities that allows for various tax saving benefits. GEDA administers the Q.C. program but it is ultimately the responsibility of the Governor of Guam to approve the contract and incentive benefits. GEDA utilizes the Q.C. program to attract new industries and investment to the island I order to stimulate, promote and compliment economic development.

Does GEDA provide home loans?

GEDA only offers commercial loans through 3 separate programs, which are the Agriculture Development Fund (ADF), the Guam Development Fund Act (GDFA) and the new Microloan program.

Does GEDA provide statistical data?

GEDA does have access to and also has some current information but the Bureau of Statistics and Plans oversees all government statistical data.

What properties are managed by GEDA?

GEDA manages three (3) industrial parks located in Harmon, Tamuning and Cabras Island.  In addition, GEDA manages certain properties under the jurisdiction of the Guam Ancestral Lands Commission.

Does GEDA handle the Guam Product Seal?

Yes,  Guam Product Seal is administered by GEDA's Business Development Division.

Where is GEDA located?

GEDA is located in the village of Tamuning in central Guam. The physical and mailing address is:

590 South Marine Corps Drive
ITC Building, Suite 511
Tamuning, Guam 96913

What is the contact information for GEDA?

Phone: 671.647.4332
Fax: 671.649.4146
Email: help@investguam.com

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